I woke up yesterday and followed my routine of groggily opening my email on my kindle to scan for an invite, and it was there! I started hyperventilating, not knowing what was inside, but when I read it, I started screaming and crying. I’m so happy! China, wow! I can’t believe it.

I honestly never thought I’d get China. My recruiter served in China, and it sounded amazing, but she told me I’d probably go to a Spanish speaking country. So I figured I would! When my OCD about country placement got really bad, I tried to ‘narrow it down’ with Peace Corps Wiki. The only Spanish speaking country leaving between May and June that I was eligible for was Ecuador, which would be amazing, but Moldova was also an option, since I speak Romanian. I had a very strong feeling that that was where I’m going. I love Romania, so I’m sure I would’ve loved Moldova as well! 

But wow, China! I keep saying it out loud, “I’m going to China. I’m going to China.” The land of pandas! I’ve spent the majority of the past 36 hours reading all of the attached materials, reading Chinese Peace Corps blogs, and even practicing Chinese! Chinese is such an important language in today’s world, I’m so excited to learn it. It’s also very challenging, so I’m going to have to work hard.

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m happy with the placement, and my answer is “DUH!” I applied in March 2013, and the wait has been so long, I would’ve been happy with ANY country. And being globally flexible is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

In the past 10 months, I’ve been reading Peace Corps Volunteers’ blogs, and it’s all been fascinating. Every volunteer experiences ups and downs, every volunteer puts themselves in a new environment, and every volunteer has to start from scratch making new friends or learning a new language. But also, every experience is different. There isn’t a ‘typical” Peace Corps journey, but each journey does have a lasting effect on each Volunteer. 

I’m excited to begin my journey. I’m excited to learn, to struggle, to cope, to thrive, to laugh, and to live. 

China 2014. Let’s do this!

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